Nightlife at Whistler

Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia Canada is one of the most popular skiing resorts in the world. It isn’t difficult to see why thousands of skiers and snowboarders head over to Whistler. The resort is simply gorgeous and there are so many things to see and do while you are there and not just skiing. However, what about at night? What is the nightlife at Whistler really like and where should you check out?

Searching for a Quiet Night – Dine out at a Bistro

There are many amazing restaurants and bistros at Whistler you will enjoy including Bearfoot Bistro and Black’s Restaurant. These are just a few of the amazing and impressive places to eat out at, but there are lots more. Dining out can be a great way to spend a simply night after a long day of skiing; of course, you can choose some lovely local delicacies which will get your tastes buds soaring. You can really enjoy Whistler nightlife at the local restaurants and even if you aren’t a wine cognisor, you’ll enjoy tasting all of those local delicacies.

Taking Cocktails in Crystal Lounge

Having a great night out in Whistler Blackcomb cannot be complete without trying out new and exotic cocktails. Cocktails might not be for everyone but to be honest, you could try out these if you want to live on the wild side! However, trying out some places such as the Crystal Lounge will give you the chance to experience new and exotic cocktails. Spending an evening at a cocktail lounge can be also be a great way to meet and greet new people and experience new things, so everyone is a winner!

whistle by night

Enjoy Live Music from A DJ at A Local Club

There are literally dozens of amazing venues to check out if you want to hear some great live music. Now, depending on what time of the year you choose to visit Whistler Blackcomb, you could find some amazing music festivals and events. Of course, even if there aren’t any music festivals on, you can always head down to a local club and enjoy listening to the DJ there.

Taking a Long Walk and Cosy Up In the Hotel

Whistler nightlife really does vary and one of the very best options for those looking for a romantic night would be to talk a walk. Not the most exciting but actually its one of the best ways to spend a night at Whistler. Couples love to take in the scenery of the surrounding Whistler Blackcomb mountain ranges and just love the romantic feel it offers. You could even round the night up by spending a few hours sitting in front of a roaring fire! Book your Whistler accommodations now!

So Many Possibilities

The best thing about Whistler Blackcomb is its versatility. There are so many things to see and do at Whistler whether it’s skiing during the day or attending the local music festival. That is why Whistler has become so popular and not just with skiers. Millions of people visit each year and while the day activities can offer so much, so can the nightlife. Whistler nightlife can be amazing in so many ways.

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