What to Do After Dark in Whistler

Whistler Blackcomb nightlife in Quebec, Canada is very lively.  There is such a huge array of things to see and do while you visit and the resort and not just the skiing!  There are plenty of amazing activities on offer here and after a long day of skiing, what should you consider?  What to do after dark in Whistler?  What is the nightlife like?

Take a Romantic Walk

This may sound a little cheesy but actually it’s a popular activity for many couples who want to get into the mood!  You can take a lovely stroll across Whistler Village and enjoy the sights it has to offer.  Of course, there are still plenty of things open in the evening so you can enjoy a lot of the local hospitalities on offer!  Taking a romantic walk is a popular activity but ensure the Whistler Blackcomb hotels are close so that the romantic walk doesn’t turn into a boring tiring journey.

Visit a Bar for a Meal and Drinks

There are lots of amazing bars and pubs in Whistler and you are going to enjoy stopping into many of them along the way.  The Whistler Blackcomb nightlife in Quebec really comes to life at night and the bars is where it is all happening!  You could stop into a local bar or pub and grab a quick bite to eat then head to a local bar and enjoy a drink or two.  You can enjoy the old-fashioned, European style bars and get to know a few of the locals.

  • Blacks Pub
  • Dubh Linn Gate

These are just two of the most popular bars available today in Whistler; there are lots more to enjoy.

Head On Over To A Nightclub

There are plenty of great nightclubs in Whistler for you to enjoy.  If you choose the nightclub scene, you can enjoy live and loud music and you could even do a spot of dancing if you so wish!  However, the nightclubs are really quite lovely and you are going to enjoy what they have on offer too.  Some can offer local DJ’s as well as some great music too.  If you want to enjoy the Whistler Blackcomb nightlife Quebec, Canada scene, you will want to stop off at a few nightclubs.

Sight See

OK, you might not think the night is the best time to go sightseeing but actually, it’s a great time to see some amazing sights.  This mightn’t sound the most adventurous but it may appeal to some.  If you love to go outdoors and be close to nature, you will enjoy seeing the mountain ranges at night with the stars dancing above them.  The Whistler Après-ski is love and you will enjoy it too.

What Will You Choose?

Let’s be honest here, Whistler in Canada has so many things to see and do and it will be difficult to fit all activities into your schedule.  You may think it’s just the day time that Whistler has to offer activities but the night also is raring to go!  Whistler Blackcomb nightlife is really quite impressive and you are going to enjoy it whether you want to stop off at a traditional pub or dance the night away.

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